Fascicularia bicolour

Fascicularia bicolour

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This bromeliad is happy grown in sun or shade it has dark green long thin leaves that form rosettes. The flower appears in the centre of the rosette and is bright red and blue. Can be used to great affect in growing in gutters, old tree stumps or by attatching to a tree fern or a trachycarpus. Hardy


Fascicularia bicolour

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You will recieve a well rooted 9cm pot


Fascicularia bicolour is a bromeliad from Chile that will grow in full sun or light shade it has long thin dark green leaves with small teeth along the margin that form clumps of rosettes. In early summer the flower appears in the middle of these rosettes and is bright red and blue in colour. A very interesting exotic plant that has plenty of great uses you can grow it in gutters or old tree stumps or attatch it to a trachycarpus or tree fern it also makes a great pot plant.



Planting and care

Best planted in full sun light shade and  well drained soil. Will make a great pot plant use a good soil based compost and add a third grit. Prefers to be dry during winter.