Borinda Yunnan 4

Borinda Yunnan 4

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Borinda Yunnan 4(lushiensis)


Borinda Yunnan 4 will stop you in your tracks a tall clumping Bamboo with the most beautifully coloured culms of a vibrant blue . A tall upright Borinda possibly the tallest of the genus to 25ft. My plant was planted in the ground 2 years ago and is already over 20ft.The best feature of this borinda is its lush green leaves. Best planted in semi shade and a shetered site its one of the least hardy Borinda but should take -10 in a sheltered spot.

What you will recieve

The bamboo will come in a 10ltr pot and stand around 6ft with 4-5 culms.

Planting and Care

Plant with the addition of organic matter and water in well do not let the Bamboo dry out over the first six months in the ground after this it should look after its self. The best food a bamboo can have is its own dead leaves and culm sheaths so leave these to mulch the base of the plant.

Planting position

Yunnan 4 prefers semi shade and a sheltered position out of cold winds. Place someware visable as this will be one of the most beautiful Bamboos in your garden.


Any reasonable soil will do add organic matter to help establish the plant.

Container Growing

As Yunnan 4 is a clumping Bamboo it is suited to growing in a container use a good loam based compost and a heavy pot as it will get tall never let it dry out and feed regularly.

Height and spead

This is a tall Bamboo upto 25ft and quickly! Spread 1.5-2m in ten years.


Like most Bamboo it is evergreen I think they look there best in winter when other things have lost ther leaves.


Not the hardiest of Bamboo should take -10 in a really cold winter may be taken to the ground but give time it will usually recover.