Trachycarpus fortunei 15ltr

Trachycarpus fortunei 15ltr

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Trachycarpus fortunei

Common name

Chusan palm/ windmill palm

What you get

You will receive a fully rooted 15ltr pot, with the plant standing 3ft tall with 20cm trunk


Trachycarpus fortunei is the main stay of any exotic garden as it is evergreen, very achitectural, and the hardiest of all palms. The trunk is covered by the fibrous leave bases giving it a hairy look and the leaves are fan shaped and dark green growing upto 1m across on long green stems. It has yellow flowers and will set seed if you have a male and female.



Planting and care

Best planted in moist, well drained soil in full sun or semi shade and not in too much of a windy a spot. The leaves go brown at the bottom as it grows which you can cut off to keep it looking its best. Don't let it dry out the first year its planted, and if in a pot it will need regular water and feed, as well as regular potting on. Hardy, can take -20 for short times.

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