Fargesia murielea 'Vampire'

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Fargesia murielea 'Vampire'

What you get

You will receive a 5ltr pot, with the bamboo standing 5-6ft tall with 5-6 culms.


Fargesia murielea 'Vampire' grows in an umbrella-like shape with green culms that have a blood red tinge. This is a very cold hardy species of bamboo that can be used as a screen, wind break, or even as a pot plant. It forms a dense clump and is a much shorter plant than the species with height reaching 2m.

Planting and Care

Plant with the addition of some organic matter and water in well. Do not let the plant dry out in the first six months, and after this if it's in the ground it should look after itself. Pots of bamboo will continue to need watering. The best food a bamboo can have is its own dead leaves and culm sheaths so leave them to mulch the base of the plant.


Any reasonable soil is ok, add organic matter to help the bamboo establish.